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Hazardous Waste
We provide collection, classification, and disposal of hazardous waste including oil, contaminated PPE, paint cans, sludge etc. to commercial clients. All waste is handled according to the legislative frame work. The use of skips being spill proof and lidded minimize the risk of spill.

General Waste
We provide collection and disposal of general waste to households and commercial clients. We adhere to the waste hierarchy and continuously work on minimizing the waste transported to the landfill site whereby reducing the impact on the airspace, by recycling the waste.

On Site Services
We use the latest technology to provide on-site sorting services to commercial clients by classifying the waste first, our team has extensive experience and are professional in providing a seamless service.


Asbestos Removal
African Eagle provides asbestos removal of roofs, construction material and buildings, ceilings etc., we currently outsource this service to highly recognized and compliant company.

oil spills

Spill Clean Up
We provide spill response services to commercial clients such as oil spills and soil contamination clean up with a specialized team.


Skip Hire
African Eagle provides skip rental, collection and safe disposal services to the construction site, industrial clients and to households. We have a wide range of skips sizes available for rental.


Landfill Site Management
African Eagle does rehabilitation of existing landfill sites, maintenance and the development of new sites of general waste. Bu accurately recording the waste the enters the site, we ensure that no negative impact on the long term viability of the site will occurred

African Eagle positions itself in the market of waste management
as a level 1 BEE serious player

competing on
price, quality, reliability

ensuring its clients find a balance between legislative
requirements and the cost of waste management.



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